Tuesday, December 24, 2013

10 Top 10 Car Lists From Around The Internet

There's something magical about a Top 10.  It let's us chose a number of favourites (that number being 10) rather than settle on just one.  Car news outlets seem to just love a good Top 10 list, especially at the end of the year!  That's why this post is dedicated to Top Ten lists.  In fact, this could be Sean's Top 10 Top 10 Lists on The Auto Industry in 2013!

Let's get started!

10.  Top 10 Highlights of the Indian Auto Industry in 2013 (Cartrade.com)

With all the buzz about the growth of the Chinese automotive industry and consumer market, sometimes we forget about their southern neighbour.  Since India is the second most populated place on the planet, it only makes sense that as wealth is generated there so too will their car market grow.  And although sales were down in India this year, there have been some interesting developments at hand.  Cartrade.com's editorial team put together a list of the best automotive innovations in India this past year.

9.  Top 10 News Stories of 2013 (autoexpress.co.uk)

The top automotive news according to the good folks at Autoexpress.  This covers the British perspective nicely.  Their top 10 list echoes a lot of the top news items I've seen from other UK car publishers, so it's a solid representative for our Automophiliac Top 10 list.  Also, the cars involved in the majority of the news covered in this piece will make their way to North America.  This makes their list well worth the read.

8.  Top 10 Classic Car News Stories (Honest John Classics)

Another offering from across the pond.  There are some great stories here about classic cars from the last year.  Again, it's from a British perspective, but the UK is a land of great (if temperamental) classic cars.  So look past the UK specific news and enjoy the pieces on multimillion-mile Volvo's, ultra low-mile Triumphs and a great Porsche barn find.

7.  Norris McDonald's Top Ten motorsports stories of 2013 (Wheels.ca)

What's the car industry without racing?  After all, motorsport is a celebration of automotive engineering at its most extreme.  Not to mention, the connection between car and driver is at its most crucial.  Also, many of the great innovations that have been developed for racing have made their way into vehicles produced for the consumer market.  So follow along with Norris McDonald as he recounts this year's best motorsports stories.    
6.  Top 10 Entry-Level luxury cars for under $35,000 (Driving.ca)

What would this Top 10 list be without a shopping list?  Driving.ca's Paul Choi has put together a list of some affordable cars that are cut from the upper crust.  Of course, looking at some of the cars on this list makes you realize that he's using a fairly liberal definition for luxury.  That being said, it's pretty great to see that there are some great cars out there on the market that don't require the average Joe to mortgage off their internal organs to acquire.

5.  Top 10 Green Cars for 2013 (MSN Autos)

MSN covered Kelly Blue Books list of top green vehicles for the year.  Personally, I don't like the leaf so I would switch it with the occupant of the number 2 slot.  An assortment of the usual suspects populate the ranks and there really aren't any surprises on this list.  Except, it is a little surprising that there isn't a single diesel vehicle on there, but I guess green means electric or hybrid not just efficient fuel consumption and low emissions.  (Maybe that's why Mercedes calls their diesels BlueTEC?)

4.  Car and Driver's 10 Best (Car and Driver)

Car and Driver's annual list of the 10 Best new cars is always a must read for any auto enthusiast.  Even if you don't agree with the journalism from Hurst Publishing, you'll at least have to know what to argue and complain about.  Anyway, regardless of whether you like C&D or not, most of the cars appear in my favourite colour so I have to include their list out of principle.

3.  Top 10 Most Read Stories of 2013 (Cars.com Kicking Tires)

Another consumer advice list.  But shopping for cars is one of my favourite past times.  In fact I like shopping for cars almost as much as I like buying them.  So, if you're ever in the market for a new or used vehicle, feel free to get in touch with me and I'd be a more than willing shopping buddy.  Be warned though, this Top 10 list includes a couple Top 10 lists... INCEPTION LEVEL 3!?!?

2.  The 10 Most Important Cars of 2013 (Jalopnik)

From a perspective of grandeur, it's hard to top a title like that.  So what are the most important cars from the last year?  You'll have to click to find out.  I bet you already have some ideas what you'll find on this list.  In fact, I think every car on this list is mentioned at least one other time in the other Top 10 lists.  Great minds think alike (and there really are only so many exceptional cars out there that debuted in the last year).

1.  Top 10 Automotive Agendas for 2014 & Beyond (EE Times)

And in our number one spot is an eye for the future.  What are some of the upcoming automotive advancements and issues that will take precedent over the coming years?  This list takes a stab at forecasting the upcoming trends that we should pay attention to.  So it's not the most flashy list in this post, but it might be the most crucial one to pay attention to.

That's all I have for today.  Oh, and to all my friends, readers and family, have a Merry Christmas tomorrow!   

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