Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All Hyped Up for the NEW 2015 MUSTANG!!!!

If you’re like me and you like Mustangs, then you’re probably gearing up for the big reveal of the all new 2015 Ford Mustang on December 5th.  This new generation of the original pony car is setting to shake things up with a turbo option and, a first for the ‘stang, an independent rear suspension. 
Also, the new exterior design looks really nice too.  It’s not as radical a change as some of the early speculative designs made it seem, but still an amazing addition to the Mustang legacy. 

To celebrate this auspicious occasion today’s post is all dedicated to hyping up the new Mustang!  As always, click the links to see some of the cool stuff I’ve found on the net.

As a little reminder of what the new Mustang is coming from, here’s a photo gallery of the Mustang over the years.  My favourites are the 1971 Boss 351 and the 1967 Shelby GT500 (neither of which are shown in this gallery, so I had to add the links myself).

The diehard Mustang fanatics have probably already seen all of thesec oncepts (I have!).  However, it’s always fun to take a look at some of the ideas Ford played with over the years as they developed the brand.  It’s also really interesting to see what design elements carried over into production and what didn’t.  In some cases it looked like the Mustang could have been taken down some very radical paths! 

And just in case you missed it in the first paragraph of this post, the 2015 Mustang will come with an all new turbo powered Ecoboost option.  Apparently it will be a 2.3L four-cylinder, but you’ll have to wait for the official release to get the output numbers.  This engine option will occupy the market between the base 3.7L V6 and the amazing Coyote 5.0L V8.  So, in honour of this new turbo, have a look at the history of the Mustang SVO, Ford’s first turbocharged pony car. 

And what car new car release would be complete without the suspicious day-before leaks.  Here’s a sneak peeklook at the prominent new Mustang “leaks” courtesy of various the various outlets willing to grease the marketing machine. 

I have to admit, I’m like a kid at Christmas over this new ‘stang.  The Mustang was the first car that I noticed and coveted.  Without it, I’m not sure I would be the automophiliac I am today... and then you wouldn’t be enjoying this awesome blog!  The mind boggles...


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