Thursday, November 17, 2016

Diesel engines, Tesla supercars and going the distance in today's link fest!

Hey, Folks!

Seems every time I do a post, I apologize for not posting. Well, I'm sorry again. Life can get pretty crazy sometimes and things like this can take a seat on the back shelf. Well, I'm going to giver a go again. I'm working on some new ideas, though, with a focus on creating some video content. So this blog will essentially stick to format where I share links that I think are pretty cool and hope others will like too. I may insert some commentary here or there on occasion.

My videos, if all goes according to plan, will consist of my opinions and views on the car industry and general automotive related content (reviews, car tours, top ten lists, etc.). Since videos will be more time consuming, I'm aiming to eventually be doing one a week when I get on my feet. For now though, I'm just going to try and do regular updates here on the blog.

Well, without further ado, here are today's links:   

Diesel CX-5 -- Mazda's own compact crossover get's the oil burner treatment. 310 lb-ft of torque and fuel economy ratings (US MPG) in the mid-30s. Don't mean to kick someone when they're down, but take that VW!

Tesla Model S P100D gets faster -- Hold on tight and keep your eyes open.

Pacifica goes hybrid -- Could this finally be the answer to the question no one asked? Or is this sort of things a long time coming and fittingly brought to us by the creators of the minivan?

Nissan Titan's newDiesel -- the XD stands for Extra Duty… insert poo joke here.

1982 Pontiac 1000 -- Speaking of poo jokes, here's a fun MotorWeek Retro Review!  Damn, even brand new that thing looks used.  Also, why does everyone demoing the interior of a car in a MotorWeek review look like they are in a spastic rush??

1982 Camaro vs 1982 Mustang -- more early eighties poo.  

2016 Camaro Convertible review -- for something less poo-ish, let's look at this fine piece of automotive workmanship.  It's not the latest car news, but it's a good contrast to what we've just seen.  It's amazing how far things have come in 34 years.

Million Milers -- If you think you get a lot out of your car, check out AutoStance's cool video about some cars that went the distance and then some!  

Well that's all for me today.


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