Thursday, May 29, 2014

From Hyundai to Tatra: today's slice of the atuomotive world!

Well my initial intention was to do a bit of an in-depth analysis of Fiat-Chrysler's new long-term plan, but so many automotive journalists have already weighed in that I didn't really think it was worth my time.  Probably the most important thing to remember is tat the company that makes your Caravan (which is slated for the chopping block) also makes Ferrari.  Which means, this new Dodge Challenger Hellcat should be AMAZING (although also not long for a world where fossil fuel preservation is a key issue). 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spotted in the wild: A new CTS Vsport!

Hey there to all of my (likely) few remaining faithful readers!  The play I was in is all over, things are back on track at work and I'm ready to get back to a life of cars... so for now, I'm back from my little hiatus.  There isn't much to this post, other than I was inspired today by a lovely little Cadillac that passed me on the 403 today.