Saturday, April 16, 2016

A little Saturday poetry Jam

Liz Howard, a treasured old friend - that is to say we became friends about half a lifetime ago, not that she is old - is a Canadian poet (and scientist).  And a very good one at that.  She recently made the Canadian short list for the Griffin Poetry prize.  I looked it up and it is a major award. 

Oh, she was also a finalist for a Governor General's Award last fall.  Another major award.  That's right, Liz is a serious force in the poetry world. 

In honour of Liz and her accomplishments, I have written a poem (hopefully this is not a dubious honour).  Since this is a car blog, it is about my car.  Make sense? 

And while I can't even pretend to have any talent in this field, I can probably safely say that it is likely the best poem you will ever read about a 1985 Ford Crown Victoria.  But, maybe have a few drinks before you read it just to be safe.   
About a Boat
By Sean McCoy

3V under 3L
This car has the blues
A long foot pressed into spinning wheels
Its bellows longing for speed
A massive heart surges
Wheezing boasts of a dubious past
Restrained, restricted, rusted and wretched

A committee made barge
The desperate catch-up
Foiling the General only by law
But it is not of the people
Appreciated only in the margins
Cast-offs creating in an impoverished glow
Making their joy from a desperate plot 

Irrational connections forged on potential
Add-ons are omitted in a harsh environment
As modifications multiply on falling currency
One into two, two into four
Freed heads flow easier into the burn
Facilitating fresh lift over worn timing
Exhausted effort powers the work

The gain is past
No, this is not better than new
It is nostalgia made from a drought of perspective
Making what was never meant of this corporate intention
Upright fools that commune in a common web      
Because creating less from more is uncompromising
But it is ours

Now if you want to cleanse your pallet of this drabble, read some of the best poetry in the country and support Liz - her book can be ordered from 

Congratulations, Liz!  It's been way too long, but you're never too far from my thoughts. 


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