Thursday, March 1, 2018

Cars I want to Buy, Episode 2 - 1999 Mercedes C230 Kompressor!

Hey folks!  New episode of Cars I want to Buy is out on the YouTubes for your viewing pleasure (and also embedded in this blog post for your convenience!).  Today I explore one of my all time favs, the turn of the century entry level Merc, the C230.

I first drove one of these about 8 years ago.  My wife's grandmother owns one and I had the chance to park it during a family get together we were hosting.  I took the opportunity to take an impromptu test drive around the block.  It was surprisingly awesomely fun and I've had a thing for these particular cars ever since.

They only made them like this one for two years, but they were pretty popular so you can still find them pretty easily these days on the used market.  Just keep your eyes peeled for rusty body seams and faulty MAF sensors ($100 fix you can do yourself in 5 minutes).

I found the one featured in the video on an US Craigslist site... I can't remember exactly which town, but it doesn't really matter.  Nor does it matter that no price is listed because I love these cars regardless of price.

That being said, the best examples of these available on the market now only go for around $5000.  And if you don't mind a little surface rust, dirty carpets and high mileage, you can probably pick a good driver for about $1500-$2000.

Anyway, here's the video:

That's all for today.  Catch me next time when we can explore another Car I want to Buy!

But wait, why does it all have to be about me?  Let me know if you find a cool car for sale online.  Maybe I'll choose it for my next video!  The more underrated the better!


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