Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cars I want to buy video series - Ep. 1 - 1983 Dodge Mirada

Hey folks!  Trying a new thing today where I actually post to my super dormant blog. Things are a little different though... I've started making videos! That's right.  From now on, most of my blog post content is going to be video driven.  There will still be text, but it will mostly be additional commentary to the content included in the video.  Together it will be one big smash of a multimedia experience... or at least that's the idea anyway!

The format of my video series is simple.  I waste hours of my life every day looking at car ads and dreaming of what I would do if I earned different cars.  So on the off chance that there are other car guys out there like me, I thought I would share some of the interesting cars I might very well would have pulled the trigger on had I the money/space/time for it.

So what super exciting car am I featuring in my first video?  Why the Dodge Mirada of course!  Hush now, it's not that bad.  This one in particular is exceptional looking.  It's a 318 powered blue on blue beauty with low miles, bucket seats and a console shifted automatic, baby!

Well, just take a look.  If you're not overcome by the Mirada mojo by the end of this video, well... you're probably quite sensible.

Well, that's a start anyway.  I'll be adding to this as time allows.  Basically anything and everything that may strike my fancy will find its way into this series and onto the pages of Automophiliac.

Thanks for watching/reading and TTFN!!

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