Sunday, February 25, 2018

Awesome Ambition Episode 1 - Another Video Series!

Hi folks!   Thanks for all the support on the last post.  In tandem with the 'Cars I want to Buy' video series I'm also starting a series called 'Awesome Ambition'.  The two series sort of occupy two sides of my car purchasing passion.  On the one side there are the cars that I want that I would happily pay the asking price for (or at least close to it) and there are cars that I want but have an asking price so high, I can only assume the seller is under some sort of pharmaceutical influence.  This series shines a spotlight on the latter.  

The first car to feature in this celebration of poor market awareness is a super clean 1983 AMC Eagle SX/4.  Eagles have a nice little niche following among car collectors.  For one they are essentially AMC Concords with some Jeep underpinnings, including 4 wheel drive.  Which is baller.

Also, this particular version, the SX/4, is probably one of the only small 4x4 coupes ever made.  Which makes it super rare within the entire history of the automotive industry.

Yes, yes, there are lots awe sport coupes.  But none of those are this.

Also, this car is essentially black on black.  These days, that's not an uncommon colour combo, but in the malaise era, it was.  Most cars were some combo of browns, reds, blues, greens and/or mixtures of the same.  

Really, the only problem I can see with this car (other than it's price) is that it's got a little bit of rust poking through around the doors.  Other than that, it's awesome.  And I want it.

But at over $13K, the price is way too high.  Clean examples of these cars are typically less than half that price.  The market for these cars are schmoes like myself, who really don't have the cash/refuse to pay the cash to buy into the 'legitimate' collector market.  But cars like the AMC Eagle offer an opportunity to dabble in the cruise night scene, try a hand at power mods or just have fun knowing you own a strange piece of automotive history.

Anyway, have a watch and draw your own conclusions:

This of course, is just my opinion.  I in no way wish this seller or their car any ill will.  If someone comes along and is willing to pay that kind of cake for that car than all power to them!

Thanks for joining me!  See you next time!


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