Thursday, November 20, 2014

The latest Hoonigan video! Ken Block takes on L.A. with a Monster of a vintage Mustang!

Just cruising around the net today and I happened across the latest Hoonigan production: Gymkhana Seven.  This time everyone's favourite driving ace, Ken Block, is running a (heavily) modified 1965 Ford Mustang throughout the streets of Los Angeles. 

No stalling, here's the video from the source:

Some of my favourite moments:

1. Being introduced to a Mustang modified to power all four wheels.

2. An epic doughnut being laid down around the iconic Randy's Donuts.  As a doughnut fanatic (the snack more than the driving stunt), this was a meaningful moment for me in this film.  

3. The car's interaction with a Caprice 2-door (a 1986 or 1987, can't quite tell).  I wouldn't necessarily have modified mine the way this guy did, but because they are such unlikely companions, it's a rare day when two of my favourite cars are featured together.     

4. Filling up a section of the L.A. freeway with reams of tire smoke.  Pretty awesome when you see it. 

I first heard about Mr. Block and his fantastic driving skills in his appearance on Top Gear a few years back.  Appropriately, this segment was presented by Captain Slow himself, James May.  

Here's that vid:


I for one really dig some the creative ways this group uses their environment to really push the car.  It's exciting to watch and Ken Block makes it look so effortless.  The fact is though, not everyone can do what these guys do.  Simply put, that's what makes it so awesome.  Enjoy everyone!


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