Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spotted in the wild: A new CTS Vsport!

Hey there to all of my (likely) few remaining faithful readers!  The play I was in is all over, things are back on track at work and I'm ready to get back to a life of cars... so for now, I'm back from my little hiatus.  There isn't much to this post, other than I was inspired today by a lovely little Cadillac that passed me on the 403 today.
For those of you that read titles (titles are the original spoiler alert, you know), the Caddy in question was a brand new CTS Vsport.  Not be confused with a full blown CTS V, the last two generations of which have been V8 powered hellfire on wheels, the Vsport is sort of a high performance variant of the base car.  Similar to how a Mustang GT bridges the gap between the base V6 car and the Shelby GT500, a Vsport designation fills the previously hitherto known-to-be missing link that existed between the 300ish HP CTS and the 550ish HP CTS V.

So what's so great about the CTS V sport?  Well, lots - 420HP, 8-speed automatic, 170 MPH top speed, 25 MPG highway... but don't just listen to me, watch this informative video brought to us by our friends at FastLaneDaily!


I was especially happy to see that the exterior colour of this car matched the one I saw on the highway today.  And you guessed it, I saw it as it passed me.  

That's all for today.  I'm trying to catch up on some sleep because my highland games season starts on Saturday, so I need all the rest I can muster.  I'm hoping to weigh in on the recent huge long term Fiat-Chrysler battle plan in an upcoming post.  Some interesting things coming down the pipe line if Sergio gets his way.   


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